Our Service

ECHO Total Clean’s crew comes to your home, office or facility and treats your space, using its proprietary EchoSD system.  EchoSD is our tradename for Chlorine Dioxide gas developed to our specifications for sterilization of your space.

EchoSD treats the entire extent of your climate controlled space, including air ducts. The entire process takes 6 to 12 hours from start to finish, and requires very little preparation on your part.

The EchoSD process kills all of the microorganisms  in the entire air conditioned spaces, thus removing the musty and uric smells left by flooding. This includes soft items and fabrics, such as beds, carpet and clothing, as well as hard items like pictures dishes and cabinets.


How it works

How it works

ECHO Total Clean cleans using its proprietary EchoSD sterilization process to disinfect without touching or disturbing anything in your space.

  • EchoSD is an intense cleaning for home or office – without tenting.
  • EchoSD cleans the places you cannot see or touch, including the air conditioning ducts.
  • EchoSD is 100% Green and leaves no residue.
  • EchoSD decontaminates. This feature is a must for medical facilities and hospitals.
  • EchoSD fog kills all organisms including allergens, bacteria, fungus, virus, mold and all biologics, the origin of the odors.
  • EchoSD, a gas, physically kills all organisms, bacteria and virus, by attacking and destroying them, no poison is used and nothing remains in your

EchoSD penetrates every crack and crevice, air ducts, carpets, fabrics and furniture. The entire inside envelope of your space is cleaned and sanitized. After sealing areas which may leak the gas outside the home, we distribute EchoSD throughout the space. This creates an oxidizing fog which kills microorganisms. The fog works for 6 to 12 hours and then dissipates. This is the same technique used to sanitize hospitals, food processing facilities and the water supply. The next day we pick up our equipment. We proudly present to you a home which has no residue and a sparkling clean smell.



Pricing is based upon square footage, ceiling height of the space to be treated and is currently 60 cents per square foot where ceiling height is 8-10 feet.

Additional factors that effect the price include availability of electrical outlets, holes which may leak gas outside the treatment space, and the quantity of fabrics and paper within the treatment space.